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We understand your needs on construction


At Relproc Engineering, we seek to create maximum value, for us, our partnering organizations and most importantly, our clients. We emphasize customer needs above all and foster an environment that encourages collaboration, high quality individual work and a commitment towards excellence.

We are constantly looking for highly motivated, result oriented and dedicated people to join our operations all over India and across different business areas. We need people who seek to constantly improve what is essential to our success and our customer’s success. We need people who adapt fast, believe in rapid decision making and believe in using the unique strengths of all those around them to achieve common goals.

Relproc Engineering is Oil & Gas Engineering design service provider

We are recruiting the below engineers

  • Process Engineer: B.E. Chemical Engineering having experience 0-10 years

  • Instrumentation Engineer: B.E. instrumentation or ECE having experience 0-15 years

  • Mechanical Engineer: B.E. Mechanical having 5 – 15 years experience

Interested candidate requested to send the CV to info@relproc.com